Advanced Forensic Scheduling

Your Critical Path Analysis Solution

Software designed for schedule analysts who deliver.

Project schedules have more at-risk paths than we ever realized.

Our innovation:
  • Returns the complete longest path of every activity for each update
  • Does not truncate subpaths at merge points
  • Signficantly advances the field of schedule analytics
Our cloud software:

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Core Innovation

FPM reconstructs Critical Path Method (CPM) project schedules into comprehensive, as-sequenced paths. Proprietary algorithms process data from imported XERs or P6 web service queries to highlight key events throughout entire project schedules and between updates.

Product Synopsis

Prepare Claims

Prepare Claims

Harness Information

Preparing delay claims can suffer from complexities inherent in CPM schedules and FSA methods that foster biased strategies.

FPM provides objective forensic analysis by reconstructing CPM networks.

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Defend Claims

Defend Claims

Objective Evidence

FSA strategies that are objective and repeatable can facilitate amicable, impartial delay settlements.

Simplify negotiations and get the upper hand by providing evidence of concurrencies and schedule mitigations.

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Manage Risk

Manage Risk

Let's Avoid Problems

With FPM, auditing CPM schedules is now transparent and exhaustive.

Use proprietary-based business intelligence for contextualized risk analytics based on an enterprise-ready infrastructure.

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Forensic Schedule Analysis

FSA has traditionally produced results that are based on a system where complexities multiply as layers of methods, techniques, and data increase.

FPM streamlines FSA by automating the dynamic logic, observational method as the most untapped source for advancing scheduling as a science.

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Forensic Schedule Analysis

Capitalize On Investment

Time is Money

FPM requires less than 15% of traditional time and effort.

Traditional analytical methods can take weeks or months; FPM quickly and accurately analyzes concurrent delays and categorizes schedule impacts.



Power in Numbers

Increase forensic productivity as multiple users can work on the same information simultaneously within a shared environment.

Standardize the methods of analysis and create team interaction.


Schedule Intelligence

Smarter, not Harder

Store your scheduling data into one warehouse to extract enterprise-level critical path analysis.

Realize a new generation of business intelligence for deeper data correlation and predictive analysis.

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