Product Features

Identify All Paths

Typical scheduling software identifies a single critical path. This approach is simplistic and does not offer a view of the entire schedule.

Our software identifies, filters, and ranks the complete longest path of every activity, of every contractual milestone, for every snapshot, using custom algorithms.

Analyzing changes to paths for all activities, instead of just one critical path, makes schedule analysis more accurate and gives context to all activities and relationships, regardless of their presence in the critical path.

Forensic PM Traditional Analysis
Critical Path
Co-Critical Paths
Concurrent Paths
All Activities

Navigate Project Updates

Project updates are pre-analyzed and displayed in an easy-to-navigate web interface that includes:

  • - Retrospective window analysis for forensically observing dynamic logic
  • - Path specific Gantt charts
  • - Choice of Milestones to analyze
  • - Variances and changes over time to paths

Easily navigate thousands of paths throughout your schedule.

Window Analysis

Delay and Reduction Analysis

Delay and Reduction indicators draw attention to the activities that experienced a completion date change due to:

  • Wait: Activity did not start on time (data date push)
  • Progress: Active activity duration increase
  • Duration: Planned activity duration increase
  • Logic: Dynamic effects to paths, or completion milestones

Key Indicator Tagging

Important changes are easy to miss in the complexity of large schedules. Our software tags and highlights these changes in the data tables and Gantt charts.

Driving Relationship Change Driving Rel
Removed Activity Del Act
Removed Relationship Del Rel
New Activity New Act
New Relationship New Rel
Out of Sequence Out Seq
CPM Error CPM Err
Negative Lag Neg Lag
Relationship Type Change Rel Type
Original Duration Decrease OD -
Original Duration Increase OD +
Non-Work Day Decrease: -5 NWDA: -5

Reports and Charts

Export reports in Excel format that include detailed analysis of each snapshot.

View and export charts that visualize and quantify key metrics.

Export Gantt charts with detailed path information and baseline comparisons.